Using the ideas from the book, CHANGE YOUR MINDSET NOT YOUR MAN, Learn to Love What's Right Instead of Trying to Fix What's Wrong, Sally B. Watkins M.S.W., Adams Media, November 2009, describe what changes you made in your own life and relationship. The story must be true, not previously published and must be written in the first person. No fiction will be considered.

Eligibility: All women over the age of 18 are eligible to enter this contest. There is no fee to enter. Submit only one entry per person.

How to Enter: Entries must be between 750 and 1500 words, double-spaced, 12 pt. type in English, preferred font Times New Roman. No handwritten entries will be accepted.

Entries must be received by March 31, 2010. The first page of your story must have your name, address, age, phone numbers, and email address if you have one.

Please include a signed and dated copy of this statement to testify that your story is true.: I _____________(name) am submitting this story for possible publication and state that it is true and has not been previously published. If it is selected, I understand that I will be paid $75 and that the story may be edited. Date___________.

Include your story in the body of your email and send to "healingwords42@gmail.com". Attachments will not be opened. You will receive an emailed response that your entry has been received.

Alternately, entries may be mailed to Sally Watkins, Contest, P. O. Box 1417, Orangevale, CA 95662 with a postmark no later than March, 2010. Please retain a copy of your work as none will be returned. If you are mailing your entry you may include a stamped self addressed blank postcard if you want to be notified that your entry was received.

Winning Entries: Winners will be notified and names will be posted on the book's website. The decision of judges will be final. Criteria will include how well the story relates to the book as well as quality of writing and creativity. First prize is $100, Second prize $75, and Third prize $50. The three winners and ten honorable mentions will receive an autographed copy of the book. Publication is not guaranteed but is subject to the publisher's discretion.

Publishing Consideration: By entering this contest, you agree that your story, whether a prize winner or not, will be submitted for possible publication Stories selected for publication will be paid $75 each and are subject to editing.

Thank you for reading the book and for entering the contest.